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      Hands Of Compassion Inc.   

        Meeting Needs, Demonstrating Love – A Hand Up, Not Just A Hand Out.

We are a “not for profit organisation” who relieves the pain and suffering of disadvantaged members of the communities, youth and their families. We have been in operation since 2006 and hold a DGR status with Australian taxation office with benevolent institution status which means all monetary donations are fully tax deductible as well as all “in kind” donations. We are acommunity group of Volunteers only.

Because of this status we have been able to assist other organisations raise funds for their projects as well as help & provide support in starting many food relief programs around South East Queensland & the South Burnet area. We have now moved to Rockhampton in Central Queensland, and are now wanting to use our resources to help those in need in this region, as well as assist other charitable organisations in the area.

We have not only been providing, a hand out, to those in genuine need of food, clothing and basic essentials, who have found themselves in difficult financial circumstances, but also, a hand up, assisting with budgeting and counselling, to help improve their standard of living, thus ensuring they once again can become a valuable member and contributor to the community.

We also are a referral centre for the homeless, and provide support for domestic violence drug and alcohol abuse victims. We have assisted many families & individuals throughout the years, enabling them to find the much needed support, to gain dignity and self-worth, thus enabling them to once again find employment, and purpose.

Previously, we started Hands Of Compassion in Logan City in South East Queensland, and was called at that time, ‘Logan City Hands Of Compassion Inc.’ We worked closely with Food Bank Queensland and within a couple of years, were also working in many other parts of the area setting up and working with similar like-minded organisations, setting up our unique style of food bank charities. It was, at this time it was decided to change the name to Hands Of Compassion Inc. to broaden our network of support.

Many serious needs came to our attention, so we diversified and with the help of some local churches we were instrumental in helping set up ‘Boys to Men’ programmes. This was set up to help boys who were without a male influence in their family. This was done by providing outings & camps as well as listening, mentoring and encouraging them to become caring community minded person.

We also found that abused women with male children were not really catered for in safe houses as they are mainly for the women only. The male child was often separated from the mother, especially if that child was growing into teenage years. We raised funds & were able to put families into short term stay motels, until suitable accommodation could be found.

Not wanting to just focus in Australia, we found ways we could help overseas by helping with vital building and clean water community projects. Through our “Love, Hope, Jump’ programme, we were able raise substantial donations to fund building safe houses for women who were caught up in the sex slave trade in Johannesburg. Because of the amount of overseas work for the past few years, it was decided to add to our name, and thus we became Hands Of Compassion World Aid Inc.

We have finished our pictular overseas programmes in March, 2016 and our focus is now finding ways to be a community help in Central Queensland by working in Rockhampton by returning to our core programmes providing help and assistance for those in need.

Any donation you make is fully tax deductible!

As stated above, HOC is a fully tax deductable public  benevolent organisation able to issue DGR receipts for any donation whether it be a monetary donation or in kind donations for goods or services for the full retail amount as invoiced. This provides a real tangible tax break.

We also provide projects for support and donations around the world – locally, nationally and internationally.
HOC provides assistance with food, counselling, budgeting, and referal contact for emergency accommodation and  abuse.

There are so many organizations today that take large percentages from the amounts given for projects and send a small amount of the donations given. HOC  guarantees that all donations from their sponsors are send to the  projects direct and a maximum 10% that is donated to HOC will be used for administration running costs. No funds go to pay wages. We will keep you updated with all projects.

HOC also assists organisations and charities who do not have a tax deductable status to achieve their dreams of helping people nationally and internationally.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on how we can help and how it works.

Hands of Compassion Inc


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