The Rockhampton Food Bank is a trading name of Hands Of Compassion World Aid Inc.

We provide a fresh food and quality products option for a basic handling cost. The handling cost can be paid by the clients themselves or by obtaining a HOC Voucher which can be sourced from participating agencies.

We are a “not for profit organisation”

We seek to relieve the pain and suffering of disadvantaged members of the community, the youth and their families. We are a community group made up of volunteers only.

We have been in operation since 2006 and hold a DGR status with Australian taxation office with benevolent institution status which means all monetary donations are fully tax deductible as well as all “in kind” donations. This provides a real tangible tax break as well as assisting with helping the needy in the local community.

Because of this status we have been able to assist other organisations that are not DGR Registered to be able to raise funds for their projects by being able to issue tax deductible receipts through our charity. We have helped and provided support in starting many food relief programmes around South East Queensland & the South Burnet area. We have moved to Rockhampton in Central Queensland, and now wish to use our resources to help those in need in this region, as well as assist other charitable organisations in the area.