We have not only been providing, a hand out, to those in genuine need of food, clothing and basic essentials, who have found themselves in difficult financial circumstances, but also, a hand up, assisting with budgeting and counselling, to help improve their standard of living, thus ensuring they once again can become a valuable member and contributor to the community.

Hands of Compassion (HOC) has also been a referral centre for the homeless, and provide support for domestic violence drug and alcohol abuse victims. We have assisted many families & individuals throughout the years, enabling them to find the much needed support, to gain dignity and self-worth, thus enabling them to once again find employment, and purpose.

Previously, HOC was started in Logan City in South East Queensland, and was called at that time, ‘Logan City Hands Of Compassion Inc.’ We worked closely with Foodbank Queensland and within a couple of years, were also working in many other parts of the area setting up and working with similar like-minded organisations and setting up our unique style of food charities. At this time it was decided to change the name to Hands Of Compassion Inc. to broaden our network of support.
Many serious needs came to our attention, so we diversified, and with the help of some local churches we were instrumental in helping set up ‘Boys to Men’ programs. This was set up to help boys who were without a male influence in their family. This was done by providing outings and camps as well as listening, mentoring and encouraging them to become caring community minded people.

We also found that the male children of women in domestic violence situations were not really catered for in safe houses as the safe houses were mainly for the women only. The male child was often separated from the mother, especially if that child was growing into teenage years. We raised funds and were able to put families into short term stay motels, until suitable accommodation could be found.



Not wanting to just focus in Australia, we found ways we could help overseas by helping with vital building and clean water community projects. Through our “Love, Hope, Jump’ programme, we were able raise substantial donations to fund building safe houses for women who were caught up in the sex slave trade in Johannesburg. Because of the amount of overseas work for the past few years, it was decided to add to our name, and thus we became Hands Of Compassion World Aid Inc.

We completed our overseas programmes in March 2016 and the charities we have set up, or in some cases helped set up in Queensland, are also doing very well with most helping over 100 families each week. Our focus is now helping the community in Central Queensland by working in Rockhampton returning to our core programme of providing assistance for those in need through food, clothing and care.

Through research we have have found that Rockhampton and some of its districts has very large pockets of low socio-economic areas, with a high incident of single parent and substance abuse families, and sadly, often the innocent children suffer. We also found there are a disturbing amount of families and especially young primary school and even younger children, who do not get one good healthy meal per week. We know of children entering their teen years that have rarely eaten steak and have never have tried a proper bacon and eggs meal or have eaten quality fresh fish. Over the years HOC has helped many older widowed women who live well enough the first week of their pension but have to live on soup or noodles for the last week of the fortnight until their pension comes in again. This is usually because of rent, cost of living, and the circumstances they often find themselves in especially if the other partner dies and their left alone.

We also found that some of Rockhamptons Councillors, as well other organisations, had previously contacted Foodbank Queensland to try and get a programme set up here in Rockhampton. We were also informed of a couple of churches that tried to get similar programmes going but without the knowledge to successfully run it the programmes failed. That is why we were asked to bring our charity to Rockhampton, and, using our programme and contacts, set up a food bank style of help and care programme which we are endeavouring to do.



Hands Of Compassion in Central Queensland working this proven food bank distribution method, will really make a difference to the lives of people in this community which will help bring a positive outcome for the wider community. To keep this vital and much needed programme going, it is very important that individuals as well as the business community really see the vision and take it on board for themselves and truly support it in any way you can, so, If you can help in any way, we would be very grateful for your generosity as the people you really help will be.

The stock comes from Foodbank Qld. Ltd. and through the generosity of sponsors who donate or sell items to us at a reduced price. We will open on Fridays with the distribution time being between 10am to 2pm. Other days during the week as items are for deliveries and for the repacking of shelves etc. Free Tea /Coffee and a bite to eat is also provided.

As stated above we are fully DGR registered, enabling us to issue DGR Tax Receipts for the Full Retail amount as invoiced, which provides a real tangible tax break for any items or business services given.