There are many ways to be a sponsor.

Sponsor: Donate a Vehicle truck or van to pick up food in or the use of one; A Cold Room or Freezer; A Forklift or use of one; Regularly supply Fresh Food items such as Fruit, Vegetables or Other food / Household Items; pay for Sinage; Pay for a Months Rent or Electricity.

As we are a DGR Charity, we can issue a Tax deductable Receipt for Moneys donated & also for IN Kind donations of items & stock for the Full Retail Value which makes it a real tangible tax assett.

Volunteer your time: Serving People at one of the food Stations by handing out the food the choose; Stocking Shelves; Cooking the BBQ; Serving Tea & Coffee; Carrying parcels to People’s Cars; Help setting Up / Cleaning up.

Contact us.

If you would like to volunteer your time, become a sponsor, or even if you simply want more information on either, please complete the form below.