Rockhampton Foodbank

The Rockhampton Foodbank is open every Friday from 9.30am to 2.00pm at 15 Reaney St. Berserker (Nth. R’ton) 4701.

First time customers need to register at the check-in desk.

This is a once only register, We provide a fresh food and quality products option for a basic handling cost. The handling cost can be paid by the clients themselves or by obtaining a HOC Voucher which can be sourced from participating agencies. The cost of the hamper is $40.00 as is the HOC voucher The value of the hamper is much more than the handling fee.

You Choose the items you want. – The hamper that you choose to make usually includes your choice of frozen Meat, chicken, fish, Milk, eggs, Bread, Dairy Products, a selection of Tinned and Packaged Foods, Fruit and Vegetables, as well as Toiletries, Household Cleaners and some Baby and Pet Food.

(The selection depends on what brands or items that are available on the day). You choose the items you want.

There is free tea/coffee & a bite to eat available.

A very low cost small thrift shop is also open to help with clothes, blankets, Manchester, accessories, etc.