This year we had our record end of year hamper day giving out over 130 free hampers as well as many other give outs. We had joined with the @nd Bite charity group & have become the hub for them in Central Qeensland. we now help out many other charities from Yepoon to Emerald including some large high schools, vinnes, red cross, salvos, rosenberry to name a few. @nd Bite through their strong involvement with Coles supermarkets has been able to supply us over 100 tonn of food allowing us to be able to distrubite the food to those other charities as well as other smaller charities.

We have purchased 2 garden sheds  fore extra storage & another freezer plus one other new freezer was donated to us by R’tons Betta Electrical. We also purchased a walk in cold room on the 1st of June,2000 which has been a great help with the fruit & vegetables. We still work with Foodbank Qld. helping to supply breakfast for many children in R’ton & as far away as Gladstone high school. Gladrock Transport still deliver the food to far out schools for free.

The charity is still completely 100% run by volunteers but we lost our  Work For The Doll people when the Covid-19 was happening. At that time we had to stop our free community BBQ & it caused our numbers to drop dow to below 40  families. As we are a essential service, we had to stay open which really depleated our funds & stock.. We have grown immensely this year with from just over over 3,000 families registered with us who have been referred to us or have found themselves in need to over 5,000. Toll is still a  great help for us by bringing up pallets of food from Foodbank Qld ltd. in Brisbane & delivering them to our door.

Major stores have still been helpful to us by supplying bread, buns & pasties to us to give out, so it is these supermarkets where we buy alot of our stock from.

Hands of Compassion World Aid Inc. trading as Rockhampton Food Bank is really helping the community while experiencing first hand the real joy of being a help to many families in the area.


Mal Holmrs (HOC President)